2019, Year of the Drive-In!!!

Greetings and Salutations to all 3 of you that read the site! It’s the new year and we have some big things coming your way from Midnight Drive-In.

First up starting this week we will have new podcasts going up every week! Head over to the new Podcast tab on the website to check those out. This week our first show up is “Here’s My Pitch” hosted by Parked writer Matt Curley. Each episode Matt will have someone different on to Pitch their take on a Popular Movie/TV Show.

Speaking of Parked, we are happy to say that we are on schedule to release Parked in May, using Orlando Mega-Con as the Kick Off Party. We will have Pre-Orders up in March so be on the look out for that.

Also starting in March we will be posting different chapters of on-going stories. It’ll be like classic Robert Luis Stevenson without the quality!

And have we talked about Social? Most likely you are on the site because you got linked here through social, but if not be sure to follow @parkedcomic and @midnightdrivein on Instagram to see all the updates! Well that does it for this update, be sure to subscribe to the new Podcasts as they are coming out, and we look forward to hearing your reaction!

-Maintenance Man George

Feb 4th, 2019

Matthew Curley
Thanks For Joining Us

Howdy Folks! 

Thanks for joining us! We've been live for just about a month now, and we figured it was time to add some stuff, so we chained Matt to a desk until he finished writing Part 2 of the history or PARKED. Go over to the PARKED page to check it out! 

In other News, Brenon is over half of the way through with Issue 1, and is starting Inks by September! We are still on track to have Issue 1 out for Mega-Con 2019. We are also hoping to have The Horrible House of Horrors Text Adventure Game done by then, and (God Willing) available for Download on IOS devices for MegaCon as well. 

That about does it for now. We are currently working on the mailing list, so if you haven't signed up head over to the Homepage and sign up! We will get that going by October. And if you aren't following our Social Accounts, well what? Don't you like us? What the hell? What do we have to come over and bake cookies? (Hmmm Cookies) What was I saying? Oh well who cares. Thanks for Checking in.


-The Midnight Drive In Team. 

Matthew Curley
Midnight Drive-In Website Launches!

Welcome to the Midnight Drive-In Website! Here is where you can get all the updates about upcoming Midnight Drive-In projects including PARKED, Embark, Not So Super Podcast, and more. We're glad that you could join us. 

Check out the Parked Page for an inside look at the making of Parked

Check out the Games Page for a short Demo of the forthcoming Horrible House of Horrors Text Adventure Game. 

Don't forget to follow us on social platforms!

And hey, sign up for the newsletter would ya? 

-The Midnight Drive-In Team

Matthew Curley